UPDATED: Bills to Watch in the PA Legislature

AFT Pennsylvania is watching several important bills that matter to teachers, school employees and state workers, including legislation to eliminate school property taxes, gut defined-benefit pensions for new teachers and state workers and eliminate seniority, union leave and mandatory 10-day sick leave for teachers.

Update Your Contact Information

We encourage members to update their records with the PAFT office as we are currently adding more features to the members’ only section of the website. You can visit us online by registering at http://pittston.pa.aft.org and take a look at what information we have and make appropriate adjustments as needed.  For more details and information contact  paft1590@hotmail.com.

PA House approves charter 'reform' bill

Changes to Pennsylvania's charter reform bill are long overdue, but House Bill 97 misses the mark by a long shot. The House approved the bill, which AFT Pennsylvania opposes, and sent it to the Senate.